Clay × ○○○

Clay × ○○○

Eco-friendly activities mean more than just recycling and saving.
The shortest way to protect the future may be awakening our imagination and creativity to find new solutions.

In summer 2010, I had the “bottle cap art” exhibition using accessible waste material for children to think about creating something while also saving our limited resources together.

To exhibit as wide a range of ideas as possible, I asked for children and people active in various fields to work together. Although many people worked with clay for the first time in decades, they created unique works beyond my imagination. I was impressed, and saw their great potential they have.

I would like to make people more aware of the interesting world of bottle cap art combined with miniature food.

I don’t just want to teach “how to make clay work”
I want to have a hand in developing children’s ability to share things, change their mindset, and generate insights.
Clay work gives a great opportunity for children to free their minds and explore their creativity.

I hope children can develop judgment with empathy towards other’s feelings or protect the environment, and not to be afraid of someone else’s anger or rules.

制作:岡田ひとみ(2010年) ねんど教室参加者2万人記念


The music and fanfare for the beginning of workshop is our own composition! Please check it out♪

Mr. Takatsugu Muramatsu composed the music for the clay work, “Our Forest” which I made with all students of the school I graduated.
I would like to collaborate and make fun music with musicians for years to come.

Hitomi Okada (Nendol) x Takatsugu Muramatsu “Our Forest” Original Ver.

Hitomi Okada (Nendol) x Takatsugu Muramatsu x Yukiko Yamashita “Our Forest” Live Ver.


After making miniature pancakes with clay, we try to make real ones at a cooking class and have a fun teatime…We can make it at a kitchen studio!

To grow more aware of seasonal food,
To develop an interest in cooking and nutrition, or
To observe colors and shapes of food,

I would like to offer an opportunity for children to get interested in food by creating clay work.

I give a presentation about the history and nutrition of the food before starting the clay work.

Hitomi Okada’s recipe collections for nutrition education has become a book!
With 42 recipes for miniature foods, you can find the nutrition, season, and proverbs of the foods. Parents and children are encouraged to have a fun together by reading the pictorial book and making the clay foods.


Clay figures and clay local foods travel around the world?! Let’s make travel more enjoyable with clay work!
I always bring my works related to the place or make some works on site when I take a trip.


It is challenging to make a tri-dimensional object, even for adults.However when we look around at things familiar to us…
Half ball + Circular cone = Ice cream
Cuboid = Note or Eraser et al…

We can make anything by learning and adding several shapes together.
Clay work is the best way to learn shapes and develop numeracy skills.
Let’s study math through making clay work!


For friend’s wedding, anniversary event at commercial facility, or a party gift…
Why don’t you give your friend a unique cake as a memorial gift for their special day?

It’s a workshop-style gift which your guests can enjoy making together.

I teach how to make clay work in a way that anyone, even 3-year-old child, can clearly understand.

Give watercolors to lightweight clay,
Make strawberries with your favorite colors.

The bride and groom can place the last strawberry to complete the decoration!


The Great East Japan Earthquake
It was the harshest and the happiest clay workshop ever.
In April, 49 days after the disaster, and again in June, when bullet trains service resumed, I visited and spent time with children at several places in the affected area.

SDF kept up their somber search for missing people through unimaginable piles of rubble.
A series of powerful aftershocks, cars on the roads, conversation of local residents, wind, smell, and so on…everything was so different from the city where I live.

Everything word I heard emanating from the victims was much more profound than any mentors’ words.
I felt anxious, wondering if there was really anything I could do for children after having such a crushing experience. However, I was happily encouraged by their thoroughly delightful reaction.

We adults have spent most of our lives in comfort. What can we leave for future generations after we depart from this life?

I visited a hospital to hold a clay workshop. The children there were filled with joy, as they were fully enthralled making wonderful works.

Yellow Post Fund-raise charity event
I invited children living in evacuation shelters to a special clay workshop just for them. On the same day, I held another workshop as a fundraiser for the relief effort. A whole lot of people participated to support the victims.
Japan Post


My dream finally came true!
I held a clay workshop at a Cambodian orphanage, Snadaikhmer.
Children’s sparkling eyes, angelic smiles, diligent attitude…they were so adorable.

We don’t need fire, water, electricity, or even words for clay work.
All we need is an idea.

New York
I had a clay workshop at “The Time In Children’s Arts Initiative”. They have tried to expose art to at-risk children, whom are behind in education.


Konamo and Hitomi’s thrilling KONAdventure

Flour fairy “Konamo” is the mascot character of Nihon Konamon Association. Konamo and Hitomi have a great adventure, and pry into secrets of flour. 3 episodes.

Nisshin Seifun Group Inc.  CSR Special Website for KIDS “KONAdventure
Nippon Konamon Association

ねんドル岡田ひとみの 子どもねんどギャラリー