Interested In Hosting A Clay Workshop?!

Interested In Hosting A Clay Workshop?!

Nendol Hitomi teaches how to make and enjoy miniature food to children (ages 3 and older), the elderly, and interested first-timer, in order to develop creativity and imagination with an emphasis on the following.

… We choose materials that are safe for children.
Nutrition Education
… Our clay work fosters children’s passion for food, interest in cooking, and enhances their observation skill.
… Children can make clay works from scratch with accessible tools.
… Children can experience sharing tools and cleaning up with other people.
… Our workshop gives children the opportunity to make works by themselves and build self-confidence.
… Clay work helps children to stay focused on their work, even for a 2-hour workshop.
… Children learn to cherish materials by recycling and making their clay work with great care.
  • We will prepare all materials, tools, and containers for the clay work.
  • We usually use soft and manageable lightweight clay. Occasionally we may use other clay, such as polymer clay for making accessories or delicate works or air dry clay for decorating works.
  • Please feel free to contact us about the number of people, target age, and for budget.
Clay Workshop in session
The First Special Clay Day Clay Workshop by Nendol Hitomi Okada

The Third Special Clay Day Clay Workshop by Nendol Hitomi Okada

I established September 1 as “Clay Day” (in Japanese, the numbers “901” sounds like the word for “clay”)and applied to the Japan Anniversary Association.
I held an event “Clay Day” in Gunma. 
Harenosuke Takekawa (“Rakugo” comic storyteller) joined as an MC.
Gunma-Chan, a nationally recognized mascot in Japan, also appeared as a guest.

Examples of clay works from past workshops