Clay Workshop

Clay Workshop


“Look! I made it!” “Wow, good work!”

I always experience the ultimate bliss during a clay workshop, surrounded by the smiles of children and parents.
I have learnt a lot through teaching at various locations around the country.
Children are more inventive and imaginative than we adults realize.
They are tough, but they also still weak in areas.
Sometimes they struggle and have setbacks.
Every time I have a positive impact to their impressionable young minds,
I promise myself to continue teaching as “Nendol” even later in life.

quote『ねんどでミニチュア パリスイーツ』(主婦の友社)


The largest (?!) clay workshop
In 2007, I held a clay workshop with 600 parents and children in Kariya city, Aichi.
I used a projector to show how to make detailed parts. It was such a great sight to see hundreds of people focused on making clay work!

Circle of Clay!