Edutainment Artist Hitomi Okada(Nendol)

Hitomi Okada made her debut in an audition program on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting in 1998. During a year of relaxation, she began to create miniature foods made of clay in her own way.

In 2002, Hitomi declared herself the first “Nendol” in history, taking the title from the fusion of “nendo” (meaning clay) and “idol”. She exhibited her clay creations at a gallery in Omotesando, in Tokyo, breaking visitor records in the process.

While studying education, Hitomi conducted clay classes for parents and children, reaching 20,000 participants by the summer of 2010.

In 2011, she did volunteer work at disaster-stricken areas and hospitals in Japan.
She has held clay workshops in Cambodia, USA, Singapore, Sweden, Kenya, and Switzerland.
When she travels, she challenges herself to propagate the pleasure of creation.

Hitomi established September 1 as “the day of clay” (in Japanese, saying the numbers “901” sounds like the word for “clay”) and applied to the Japan Anniversary Association.
However, her activities are not exclusive to clay. She is also featured in a tea ceremony book and DVD.

Hitomi hosted Nendol’s 10th anniversary exhibition in 2012.
Her work appeared in a leaflet about the world’s beloved and renowned “Play Doh” clay, which is
available at Toys”R”Us in Japan.

Currently Hitomi appears in an educational program that is broadcast on NHK’s (Japan Broadcasting Corporation’s) “Nyanchu World Hosokyoku” .
The original clay products that she created are now available at specific stores as well as online.

To help children develop a sense of creativity and imagination, Hitomi writes books on artwork, miniatures, and dioramas, all while making appearances on children’s TV programs.

In 2014, The Chinese version of her book “Magical Clay World” was published in Taiwan.

In 2015, Hitomi started to write articles regularly for the magazines, KADOKAWA “Chara Parfeit” and “Chara Petit”.
She visited New York to observe art education programs and held clay workshops in English.
In November, she made an appearance at Indonesia Comic Con in Jakarta as a special guest.

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